LiveRecover easily integrates with ReCharge. Set up your LiveRecover integration in these simple steps.

Step 1: Connect our ReCharge integration ⚡

Head to and you'll be promoted to connect your ReCharge account. Click "Authorize" to complete installation. When installation was successful, you'll be redirected back to the Integrations page

Step 2: After successful installation, we'll be notified. ReCharge requires us (LiveRecover) to manually reach out to them to enable a feature for your account. Please be patient while we handle this for you.

A feature needs to be enabled on your account to allow us to add our javascript to your checkout page to receive your abandoned checkouts. We'll notify you when this is completed.

Step 3: Once ReCharge has enabled this feature for your account, click the wrench icon within ReCharge and go to Checkout.

You will now see a javascript field enabled. Paste the following javascript snippet into the field "Enable Javascript on page 1 of checkout"
</script><script src=""></script><script>
It should look like this
Save your changing by clicking Save.

Step 4: You're all set! We will now being receiving your abandoned checkouts directly from Recharge! 🙌

Last modified 2yr ago